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Evolution Consultants, LLC. was founded in 2006 to assist small to medium sized medical practices with the foundations that would help assure success and growth. We are in New Braunfels, Texas in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and service clients nationwide with an emphasis on practices in the State of Texas and New Mexico.

We assist practices with the big picture and how all the small pieces fit in place to propel a medical practice forward. We are a process control oriented medical management firm with a forensic approach. Evolution Consultants specializes with the cash flow and statistical information often overlooked in the everyday activities of most practices.

Evolution consists of consultants with proven experience in the streamlining, growth, and development of medical practices. The consultants have a wide range of experience from beta-test sites for the electronic health records to practice start-up and expansions. We house a selection of consultants and certified coders with a keen eye for detail. Our office conforms to HIPAA, Red Flag, and CMS Fraud Waste and Abuse guidelines as a downstream entity.

Evolution Consultants consists of consultants with proven experience in the streamlining, growth, and development of medical practices.
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Julie Lewis is a managing partner with private practice administration experience in all aspects of both specialty and primary care practice environments. She works in many areas of Evolution but really enjoys the Electronic Health Records selection and implementations in addition to untangling billing, coding, and payor policies to benefit the clients. Julie's participation includes but is not limited to knowing the rules to the medical game, client onboarding, and understanding the flow of a medical practice. The first step of playing the game accurately is knowing the rules.

Misty L. Chance is a managing partner with statistical benchmarking and cash-flow acceleration experience. Misty has a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University in Chemical Engineering. It is to this education that she contributes her statistical fundamentals. The application of process control parameters and attention to detail have made Evolution unlike any other Medical Practice Management Firm. Misty works in oversight of cashflow for each client, client onboarding and Quality to name a few.

Angela Schaefer has been with Evolution since 2006 and was the first employee to the firm. Angela has a B.S. from A&M University in Bio-Environmental Science. Over the years Angela has implemented multiple specialties, softwares, and structured a variety of office environments. She has an astute attention to detail that makes her unrivaled in her training ability and process development.

Mary Terrill is the team leader for credentialing and contracting, onboarding, investigations, and start-up practices. She also holds a B.S. from A&M University in Bio-Medical Science. She works on the staff compliance and training as well as a variety of other consulting projects.

Listed above are just a few Evolution team members. The team also consist of other consultants and a team of highly experienced billers and collectors that have been with Evolution Consultants for long tenureships. The quality Evolution provides to the client is a direct result of contributions from the entire Evolution team.

Evolution strives to assist small private practices, not only to be successful, but to thrive in the ever-changing medical climate. We want to be the hands-on education that many medical practices need when starting out or transitioning.