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Evolution Consultants LLC

Evolution Consultants can assist start-up or transitioning practice with qualifying a location, software selection and implementation, Proforma calculation, insurance contract relationships, interviewing and staffing, office processes, medical billing, and ongoing oversight of the practice. Your practice is only as strong as the foundation you place it upon.

MIPS planning

Evolution Consultants can assist practices with what reporting options that best fit your practice and what measures to select for success. We can assist the practice with reporting to Medicare and other payors.


EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Selection, Conversion and/or Implementation

EHR Selection, Conversion and/or Implementation - Electronic Medical Records allow you to schedule, chart, charge capture, bill, and store medical records all in one software. They are designed currently to work with many ancillary services such as eligibility interfaces, kiosk, vaccine reporting, lab results interfaces, X-ray storage, and many other options that allow a practice to streamline or customize the software and options to fit their needs. One problem we have seen over the years in assisting practices is that the practice is usually only knowledgeable with one or two softwares. The implication of this is that during the interview phase with each software, the practice is unable to ask the “rubber meets the road” type questions that will turn out to be critical in workflow or set-up. This is usually one of the biggest areas of frustration with a new software selection, as it is incapable of fully fitting the needs of the practice. Sometimes the practice thought the software could do certain actions when in fact it cannot. Allow our experience with software demonstration and interviews to assist you in selecting the right software for your practice. Evolution Consultants can help select and implement your EHR. We have done over twenty EHR conversions in the past few years alone with different software, different specialty, and different office requirements.

Physician Credentialing

Many physicians do not have much credentialing, while some credential with multiple facilities and insurance companies. The maintenance can sometimes be overwhelming and time-consuming. Many times, it becomes that piece of paper at the bottom of the stack. Evolution Consultants' goal is to provide maintenance and ongoing support to this entire process in an organized way.

Practice Audit

A practice audit will provide a detailed overview of the entire practice including but not limited to customer service, workflow, benefits and front office performance, billing performance, insurance contract review, charting documentation and coding. An audit report is provided at the end of the audit. Many clients want a yearly non-biased picture of performance for comparison.

Code/Billing Audit

A billing audit is similar to a practice audit with the exception that Evolution Consultants would place our sole focus on the billing performance, including clearinghouse reports, accounts receivable analysis, collections process, and types of billing. An audit report is provided at the end of the audit.

Insurance Contract Relationships

Insurance Contract Relationships - The foundation of any practice's financial success is built from the contracts it holds with insurance carriers. Insurance companies are sneaky regarding how they slowly adjust your fees. Were you aware that your main commercial carriers adjust your rates yearly depending on your contract language? Many of them send correspondence that you would like to call on but never get time. Sometimes you just don't know what to ask or how detailed to get. Evolution Consultants wants to make those calls and monitor your fees to make sure you are not practicing medicine, administering services at a loss. The problem with the influx of payor paperwork is having the time to fully follow-up. This is an area in which fee schedules erode over time. Evolution monitors this type of communication from payors and investigates to make sure the practice financial foundation is not affected by payor changes.

Practice Management/Administration

Many people confuse the difference between practice management and administration. Evolution Consultants define administration as oversight of profit and foundations such as insurance contract management. Practice management is the oversight of the daily office requirements, such as human resources issues, office processes, and patient complaints and problems. Evolution Consultants can offer both.

Help with Workers Compensation Billing

Evolution Consultants has the ability to collect effectively from Workers’ Compensation plans. We are well aware of Workers Compensation Billing Guidelines and are constantly in communication with the carriers in regards to outstanding bills. We also work with your internal staff and providers to make sure money is secured in accordance with the guidelines.

New Practice Set-up - A new practice set-up begins at least four months prior to billing your first claim. This allows for the appropriate time for contracting, should contracting to be needed.

Scribe Services

Details coming soon.

Benefit/Authorization Services

Details coming soon.